Is Web Design a Good Career?

Web design a good career

How does one arrive at a conclusion about whether a particular career is a good option for them or whether something else will turn out to be a better choice?  

First, let’s settle the accounts of this query, and then we will discuss ‘Is Web Design a Good Career or Not?’

Aren’t career decisions based on an individual’s strength and passion? Then matching it with potential opportunities in the respective field will help you come to the right conclusion.    

Same logic, if we apply to Web Design then, it can be a good career option if you are a creative being with coding skills up your sleeve.

In addition, if we talk about opportunities in Web Design, then this field is expected to grow by 27% by 2024.  

Key Takeaways

  • Discuss if Web Design is a Good Career Choice for Current Times.
  • Understand Reasons for Web Design Being a Good Career Path.
  • Learn About the Web Design Career Option. 
  • Know More About the Future of Web Design in 2030. 

Is Web Design a Good Career Choice Right Now?

Web Design a Good Career

There are approximately 2 billion websites on the internet. And most importantly, the first impressions of a website 94% of times depend upon its design-related factors. 

This is where a career in Web Design becomes a great choice for someone who is both a coder and creative. 

Reasons Why Web Design is a Good Career

  • High in Demand and a Growing Industry

As we discussed earlier, Web Design is a growing industry, and these services are in demand. Thus, Web Design offers ample opportunities in the field.

  • Rising Career and Salary

It is obvious to think about career options in the light of monetary compensation, and a  Web Designer is a well-compensated job profile. Even junior Web Designers make somewhere between $49 to $70K per year.  

  • Work Style and Flexibility

Whoever is thinking about a career in Web Design can expect great flexibility in work. As the job type is as such that you can work remotely from anywhere, and just in case you opt to freelance in this field, then it easily supports flexible work hours as well.    

  • Degree or Minimum Qualification

In this job profile, a strong portfolio and skills come in handy, not necessarily a degree, although you can complete Bachelors and Masters in Web Design. 

Just for learning aspects, you can refer to the online course and certification. Even if you do not have a degree, the ability to show excellence in skills and hands-on experience will give you merit.  

Web Design Career Options

Although it is a multifaceted role, some of the most common Web Designer jobs are as follows:

  • UI Designers: 

UI Design is the user interface design. A UI Designer needs to have an eye for Graphic Design, as their work includes deciding the typography, photo, video placement and colour theme of the website; they make the visual of the website pleasing.  

  • UX Designers: 

UX Design is concerned with the user experience on a website. A UX Designer deeply researches user habits, their behaviour, reactions, buying tendencies, etc. They design websites according to users’ needs and solve a problem. 

  • Visual Designers:

It is a combination of UI and UX Designers. They are responsible for creating interfaces that are both visually appealing and easy to use, as per the psyche and needs of the user.  

  • Interaction Designers: 

An Interaction Designer works with UX Designers. It is a subset of UX Design. On the website, it is about designing the point of interaction between the user and the product. 


The Future of Web Design 2030

Web3 and its revolutionary applications project the future of Web Designers. Currently, all web pages are hosted on Web 2; in the near future, by 2030, if we are successful in spreading Web3, then the whole vertical of Web Designing will move to Web3-based platforms.


The roles and responsibilities of Web Design, or more specifically, the end goal of the Web Designer’s effort, is to keep visitors on the website longer.

The Web Designer’s major work is to design a website not only for the owner but also for the visitors of the website.

Organizations nowadays require a Web Designer who can create a mobile responsive website that can capture visitors’ attention and ultimately convert them into customers.

Web Designers play a crucial role in the whole development process of a website.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

People Also Ask

Is Web Design in demand?

Yes, Web Design is in high demand, and by 2024, it is expected to grow by 27%.

Is Web Design a hard job?

If you have an interest and passion for designing or creativity, then Web Design is a relatively easy job.

Is Web Design an IT job?

Yes, Web Design comes under the IT jobs category.

Do Web Designers work from home?

Web designers can easily work from home; web designers need only designing software and a laptop to work.

What are Web Design software & platforms?

The mostly used Web Design software and platforms are as follows:
1. WordPress
2. Shopify
3. Squarespace
4. Wix
5. Webflow
6. Adobe XD
7. Adobe Dreamweaver, and many more.

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